The Oz & NZ Spirit of Democracy: a research paper by Joanne Gail.

This book outlines the history of democracy of Australia and NZ.   It explains why citizen participation is important to individuals and communities and why citizen participation is under threat.

The book examines emerging trends around citizen engagement, what the theories are and what ideas are working.

Oz & NZ Spirit of Democracy features Australian and New Zealand based non-government organisations that are working to improve citizen participation in government decision making.




Welcome to this blog about democracy. Here you will learn cutting edge ideas about how society can change for the better.  I hope it will entertain and inform you!  I hope that you will contribute your thoughts and ideas to the site.

There will be plenty of stories, short videos and pictures in this blog. The aim of this blog is to take us all on a journey. At the end of this journey I hope we will be more connected to each other and the world we live in. At the end of this journey I hope we feel more empowered in our lives.

This blog about democracy is linked to a practical REAL LIFE experiment to evolve democracy called PoliVOTE.   PoliVOTE publishes upcoming decisions of government for the public to vote and comment on and feeds these comments back to the politicians.   You can find out more about PoliVOTE here.